We want to hear about your preceptor

The pharmacist’s role is evolving, especially given the current healthcare landscape that continues to undergo rapid change. As responsibilities increase, time becomes ever scarcer. That’s why it’s important to recognize pharmacists who against all odds and unforgiving schedules, carve out time to become preceptors.

Precepting pharmacy students and residents is a time-consuming task, but it’s one that signals just how invested preceptors are in the future of the profession. More than just imparting skills, pharmacists are in a position to offer essential insights into every aspect of pharmacy. Student and residents, in turn, can tap into experience and see firsthand different perspectives and approaches to everything from helping a customer who is coping with addiction to one who is struggling with the overwhelming nature of health insurance.

We want to honor those pharmacists who are helping usher in the next generation of pharmacists.

Think back to when you were a pharmacy student and worked with a preceptor. If your preceptor believed in you when you didn't, pushed you when you were close to giving up and helped to shape you into the professional you are today, then you can say thank you by nominating your mentor as our Preceptor of the Month.

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