DSN student project ideas: Asthma

As professional students begin rotations in busy community pharmacies, it is sometimes a struggle to balance meaningful student experiences with the daily demands of pharmacy technical operation and reporting requirements, staff needs and ongoing patient requests. To help with the commitment pharmacy preceptors have made to educate the future of the profession Drug Store News offers community pharmacy project ideas that benefit your patients, staff and students. This month’s focus is on asthma.

Project idea 1: Staff in-service

Begin with a student led staff in-service component in which the student researches and prepares a presentation for the pharmacists and technicians at your location. Consider requiring the following elements in the presentation the student will prepare:

  • Have the student research statistics for asthma and apply the findings to the basic demographics of your pharmacy to give your staff more relevance.
  • Have the student review and summarize using tables, graphics or pocket references the most current guidelines to gain a working knowledge of clinical goals. Specifically, ask the student to succinctly outline the EPR 3 Guidelines on Asthma.
  • Have the student identify major risk factors for hypertension and create a suggested strategy for offering education and interventions for patients in need.
  • Have the student outline therapy considerations, including initial pharmacologic treatment recommendations, maintenance and acute therapy.

Project idea 2: Patient education and referral

As a follow-up to the staff education project, have the student focus on patient education and appropriate methods of referral:

  • Assign the student the task of performing education on the importance of adequate control of asthma.
  • Ensure that the student performs inhaler technique instruction and review with every patient.