Parents support HPV vaccination requirements for school, but with opt-outs

Opt-out provisions could make the laws requiring students to get vaccinated against HPV less effective. Read more ...

Diabetes medication may also offer vascular protection

The study's finding may have future implications for disease prevention in humans. Read More ...

How beneficial bacteria in the nose can suppress pathogenic bacteria

Research into the bacterial interactions in our nasal microbiome suggest novel approaches for preventing Staphylococcus aureus infections without antibiotic use. Read More ...

Study supports new strategy to fight cocaine addiction

The researchers found a compound that can reverse signs of cocaine dependency in rodents. Read more ...

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University of Alaska Anchorage students who want to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree can now do so without leaving the state.
The program was established by CVS and PQA to recognize student excellence in projects centered on quality-related medication initiatives.
The study's findings could have implications for optimal treatment of children taking beta blockers.
NIH researchers have discovered a rare and sometimes lethal inflammatory disease — otulipenia — that primarily affects young children.
Supplementing with soluble corn fiber at two critical times in a woman's life — adolescence and post-menopause — can help build and retain calcium in bone.
"It's not very cost-effective to put your resources into areas that don't have much of a problem."
Better management of high-risk drugs may help reduce the incidence of secondary fragility fractures in elderly population.
This new innovation will allow scientists to study treatments for mitochondrial diseases in humans.

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