CVS Health offers Meningitis B vaccines in response to Calif. outbreak

CVS Health is offering vaccines to people living in Santa Clara County in response to confirmed cases of Meningitis B. Read more ...

How barley can improve blood sugar levels and reduce appetite

A recent study shows that barley can rapidly improve people's health by reducing blood sugar levels and risk for diabetes. Read More ...

Research team takes closer look at what happens when we sneeze

Need some incentive to cover your mouth the next time you sneeze? New high-speed videos captured by MIT show what happens when you do. Read More ...

Researchers hit on a genetic mutation that may prevent diabetes complications

Experiments indicate that the presence of vitamin B1 inside the cell can prevent the damage caused by high blood sugar. Read More ...

Current news

The Shelby County Drug Free Coalition has received the 2016 Dose of Prevention Award at the 26th annual National Leadership Forum.
An article suggests that more research is needed to determine whether PPI use causes kidney damage.
Can a genome wide association study for a disease also identify genetic variants that predict behaviors that increase the risk of the disease?
A group of paralyzed patients will in late 2017 undergo a procedure that could allow them to walk with the power of thought.
About 61% of patients who live with major depressive disorder (MDD) still experience symptoms at least weekly.
Pharmacy Lab Values is a free app that gives users access to more than 150 lab values frequently used by medical professionals.
Upsher-Smith and NASPA are recognizing 43 pharmacists around the United States with the 2015 NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award.
Mylan on Wednesday announced that it would be acquiring specialty pharmaceutical company Meda for about $9.9 billion.
CVS Health is offering vaccines to people living in Santa Clara County in response to confirmed cases of Meningitis B on the Santa Clara University campus.
A research team has created a urine diagnostic test for prostate cancer that uses a special tool to "smell" the cancer in men's urine.

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