Study examines barriers to mental health therapies encountered by older adults

Older people are not being referred for mental health support nearly as frequently as their younger counterparts. Read More ...
mental health

This injectable solution may provide weeks of glucose control

New treatment lasts more than two weeks in primates, promising to eclipse current treatment options in humans. Read More ...


The case for smaller dose combos of blood pressure meds

Smaller dose combos of blood pressure medications may be effective and have fewer side effects. ​Read More ...

blood pressure

Community Pharmacy of the Month: ONU HealthWise Mobile Health Clinic

Our Community Pharmacy of the Month for June is not your typical pharmacy in any sense of the word. In fact, this one has wheels. Read More ...
Healthwise Mobile Health Clinic

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trichomosis vaginalis
"The new test is objective. Either the DNA of the causative agent is there or not; there is no gray area."
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The next installment of DSN Quick Credit is now available.
pharmacy team
Providing professional students with meaningful projects is the job of every preceptor. Here is this month's project idea.
Acme Sav-on Pharmacy
Her passion for empowering colleagues to drive clinical services in the community setting have inspired the students and residents she has precepted.
Albany College of Pharmacy’s Vermont Campus
Albany College of Pharmacy’s Vermont Campus has partnered with Age Well to provide experiential education opportunities to students.
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CMS estimates that poorly coordinated care transitions result in the readmission of 2.6 million seniors to a hospital within 30 days of discharge.
Healthwise Mobile Health Clinic
Our Community Pharmacy of the Month for June is not your typical pharmacy in any sense of the word. In fact, this one has wheels.
The app connects users with “Taskers” who take on chores, such as housecleaning, odd jobs and even moving.

CPE Monitor reminders

As a reminder, official statements of continuing pharmacy education are now available only from CPE Monitor. Drug Store News CE, an ACPE-accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education, transmits all successful CPE credit completions directly to CPE Monitor. This is a requirement of all ACPE-accredited CPE providers and allows pharmacists and technicians to find all CPE credits from all accredited providers in one place.

To be sure that CPE credits are transmitted to CPE Monitor correctly, all pharmacists and technicians must provide an accurate personal NABP e-Profile ID and 4-digit (MMDD) date of birth when setting up a DSN CE account.
The NABP e-Profile ID is a number issued for individual pharmacists and technicians. An NABP number issued for a pharmacy should not be included on an individual’s profile.
To look up your personal NABP e-Profile ID or to request a free e-Profile ID, visit

To verify the accuracy of your DSN CE profile, login, select My account, Edit, Profile. If changes are needed, make the necessary adjustments and save. Contact customer service at if you need assistance.