Revolutionizing the delivery of medicine to treat cancer, other illnesses

Medicine diffusion capsule could locally treat multiple ailments and diseases throughout a period of several weeks. Read more ...

Recovering Latina breast cancer patients report big gaps in 'survivorship' care

Latina breast cancer patients are likely to experience numerous gaps in care following their primary treatment. Read More ...

In case you missed it: Take half off any DSN CPE

The holidays are stressful enough. Take advantage of this deal and cross your CPE credits off your to-do list! ​Read More ...

On the cusp of the first HIV vaccine

Western virologist hopes to test vaccine on 600 HIV-negative subjects next fall. Read More ...

Current news

Earn credit now! This week’s DSN Quick Credit is: Controlled substances diversion.
Make sure your patients are aware of important food safety recommendations.
Educate patients about the known risks of holiday weight gain and assist them in designing plans that allow them to enjoy traditions without adding weight.
All the extra activity can place your patients at greater risk for sharing more than holiday wishes, including the influenza virus.
J.D. Powers measures five factors of pharmacy customer satisfaction to help pharmacies identify areas in which improvements can be made.
Pharmacists are in a unique position to help patients and their family members, old or young, with weight loss.
What better time than the holiday season to recognize the indispensable members of the pharmacy team that keep everything together.
Alps Pharmacy is located in a low-income area in North Springfield where every penny counts to its customers.
By contrast, people who don't diet will learn that food supplies are reliable and they do not need to store so much fat.
It could reduce healthcare costs and change delivery room practices without increased risk to mothers or babies.

CPE Monitor reminders

As a reminder, official statements of continuing pharmacy education are now available only from CPE Monitor. Drug Store News CE, an ACPE-accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education, transmits all successful CPE credit completions directly to CPE Monitor. This is a requirement of all ACPE-accredited CPE providers and allows pharmacists and technicians to find all CPE credits from all accredited providers in one place.
To be sure that CPE credits are transmitted to CPE Monitor correctly, all pharmacists and technicians must provide an accurate personal NABP e-Profile ID and 4-digit (MMDD) date of birth when setting up a DSN CE account.
The NABP e-Profile ID is a number issued for individual pharmacists and technicians. An NABP number issued for a pharmacy should not be included on an individual’s profile.
To look up your personal NABP e-Profile ID or to request a free e-Profile ID, visit

To verify the accuracy of your DSN CE profile, login, select My account, Edit, Profile. If changes are needed, make the necessary adjustments and save. Contact customer service at if you need assistance.