I am a past Drug Store News subscriber, but have not logged in recently on the new drugstorenewsce.com website. How can I access my Drug Store News CE profile?

The new drugstorenewsce.com platform requires all users to set up a new profile within the new system to be sure that all contact information is up to date. Click register in the upper right hand corner and follow the prompts. Please note: the system requires your personal NABP e-profile ID and MMDD date of birth in order to process CPE credit claims and make completion certificates available. Past subscribers who have a DSN enrollment number can enter the number within the profile set up screen when prompted to have past lesson history transferred.

I am a past Drug Store News subscriber and want to link my past lesson history. I don't remember my DSN enrollment number. How can I link the past history when I'm setting up my account?

Complete the account set up process and leave enrollment field blank. Send an email to DRSNCE@LF1925.com with your request to retrieve your enrollment number. Customer service will respond with the number within 5 business days. You may then edit your profile to add the number and the past lesson history will populate in your profile.

I have misplaced my certificate of completion for my Immunization Training or another certificate program. How can I receive another copy?

Certificates of completion for Immunization training or other certificate programs are available for download within your course history for all programs completed after March 31, 2015. For programs completed before March 31, 2015, an archived records search and reprint process may be requested. Send an email to DRSNCE@LF1925.com with a subject line of certificate reprint request. Provide as much information about the program you completed as possible. At a minimum include the name used at the time of the training, the approximate date of the last session, and a day-time phone number. A customer service representative will contact you within 5 business days to provide a status update concerning the archive search. If records are available to allow a reprint, a fee of $15 is needed. The customer service representative will arrange a method of payment and confirm a mailing address for the reprint.

What is a personal NABP e-profile ID?

The personal NABP e-Profile ID is a unique identifier issued after setting up an e-Profile with NABP and registering for CPE Monitor. Drug Store News is an ACPE accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education and required to transmit CPE data to ACPE and NABP. Additional information about CPE monitor is available from NABP by clicking here.

Do all users (pharmacy technicians, students, pharmacy executives and pharmacists) need a personal NABP e-Profile ID?

Any user who needs to access an official certificate of continuing education credit must add a personal NABP e-Profile ID and valid MMDD date of birth to the Drug Store News CE profile. Official certificates of continuing education credits resulting from successful completion of Drug Store News CE lessons will only be available at CPE monitor. If a user does not need to access official statements of CPE credit the NABP e-Profile ID is not required. If a user anticipates ever needing to access an official statement of credit for a lesson completed it is advisable to enter a valid NABP e-Profile ID and MMDD date of birth at the time of submission.

I completed a continuing education lesson and then realized that the NABP e-Profile ID on my account was missing or incorrect. What should I do?

If a user discovers an error in the NABP e-Profile ID and/ or MMDD date of birth entries within his or her profile, those fields should be edited as soon as possible. ACPE allows a 60 day window from the date of lesson completion for all correct data to be transmitted. If the error is corrected prior to the 60 day window the credits will transmit automatically.

How can I know that credits earned on the Drug Store News CE site have been transmitted to CPE Monitor?

The best way to know that earned credits have been transmitted to CPE monitor is to log in to your personal CPE Monitor account with your NABP e-Profile ID and password. NABP offers the ability to create an NABP e-Profile ID, login to an existing account and perform a quick search for your e-Profile ID by accessing this site. A forgotten username and password feature is also available.

I am a Certified Pharmacy Techncian and will be renewing soon. What programs do I need for recertification?

Complete details for Certified Pharmacy Technician continuing education requirements are available from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Click here to visit the Certification Program Changes 

General requirements include. All CPhTs must complete 20 hours of continuing education every 2 years with a maximum of 10 hours earned by completing a relevant college course with a grade of C or better. A maximum of 5 hours of the 20 hours may be earned by completing service projects.  All continuing education completed after January 1, 2015 must be pharmacy technician-specific subject matter. ACPE approved courses designed for pharmacy technicians will have the designation of T at the end of the program UPN.

For those completing recertification:

  • 1 hour of the 20 hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law. Law courses are identified in a UPN with an 03 designation- ex 0401-0000-16-250-H03-T
  • 1 hour of the 20 hours must be in the subject of patient safety. Patient safety courses are identified in a UPN with an 05 designation- ex 0401-0000-15-050-H05-T

For those completing reinstatement:

  • 2 hours of the 20 hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law. Law courses are identified in a UPN with an 03 designation- ex 0401-0000-16-250-H03-T
  • 1 hour of the 20 hours must be in the subject of patient safety. Patient safety courses are identified in a UPN with an 05 designation- ex 0401-0000-15-050-H05-T

Be sure to also check your individual state requirements by visiting the board of pharmacy website.

I have a Pennsylvania license and need to complete the child abuse continuing education requirement. How can I complete this?

Effective with the first license renewal after Jan. 1, 2015, the  Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy requires that all pharmacists must complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education on child abuse detecting and reporting.  For your convenience a link to a state sponsored/created continuing education activity titled, “Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania Online Training” fulfilling that requirement is provided here. After accessing the link, you will be required to register before completing the lesson. Click here to take the lesson.

I need to find specific types of courses (Law, Patient Safety. etc). How can I know which courses to choose?

The universal program number (UPN) assigned to each course has all of the information needed

Example: 0401-0000-13-203-H03-P

  • The first portion of the UPN identifies the CPE provider. 0401 is the provider code assigned to Drug Store News
  • The second portion of the UPN identifies how the program was developed. 0000 codes indicate the provider developed the program alone, 9999 codes indicate that the provider partnered with another provider
  • The next portion of the code identifies the two digit year in which the program was first released. 13 means that the program was first released in 2013
  • The next portion of the code identifies the internal numbering code used by the provider. 203 is the code assigned by Drug Store News to keep track of the program
  • The next portion of the code identifies the type of program. It will provide guidance if the program is a live or homestudy program and which kind of education topic is included 
    • How the program is offered : L =  Live activities, H = Home study
    • What kind of topic is covered: 01 = Drug Therapy, 02 = HIV/ AIDS Therapy, 03 = Law, 04 = General Pharmacy, 05 = Patient Safety, 06 = Immunizations, 07 = Compounding
  • The last portion of the number identifies the target audience:
    • P = Pharmacist
    • T= Technician 

CPE Monitor does not show credits I should have received from Drug Store News. What should I do?

As a first step double check the accuracy of your personal NABP e-Profile ID and MMDD Date of birth within your DSN profile. If an error is found, edit the profile immediately. If the error is corrected prior to the 60 day window the credits will transmit automatically.

Why did I not receive CPE credit for a REMS program?

Currently, all official REMS programs available within the site are not accredited by ACPE. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While taking a REMS training program required by my employer I was not able to successfully pass the assessment within the number of opportunities provided (typically 3 tries). What can I do to complete this requirement?

After the maximum number of attempts to complete a learning assessment have been exceeded, your training enrollment needs to be manually reset. Please send an email to DRSNCE@LF1925.com with a request to reset your enrollment. 

I am employed by a company, university or other group that purchases CE subscriptions or other programs on my behalf. I was given an organization code but my account will not link to allow my free CE or other programs to be available. What should I do?

All organization codes provided to contracted groups are case sensitive. During the account registration process, select Y in the field: Do you have an organization code. When entering the code, please double check the information provided by your internal training contact to be sure you have entered the correct combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters.  If you are still having difficulty email DRSNCE@LF1925.com for assistance.

I am looking for free and/ or affordable CE programs. What options are available?

Drug Store News has a limited number of continuing education programs that have been sponsored by manufacturers, distributors, or other groups to cover the program development and administrative costs or providing the lessons. Use the drop down arrow next to the PHARMACIST CPE or TECHNICIAN CPE tabs at the top of the Drug Store News Continuing Education page to access the lesson library. If the Course Sponsor column contains a name of a company or other organization that lesson can be taken at no charge.

Many users take advantage of our affordable yearly CPE library subscriptions to get all of the credits needed to maintain licenses and certifications. Click on the SUBSCRIBE tab to purchase a technician or pharmacist subscription to take as many standard library lessons as desired for one year. The standard library offers live webinars and on-demand video and written home study lessons accessible from a smart phone, tablet or Mac/PC.

How can I print my certificates of credit for CE lessons?

As of May 1, 2014 ACPE accredited providers are required to submit CPE credit documentation to CPE Monitor. CPE Monitor stores all official certificates of credit within your personal NABP profile. Official certificates can be accessed for viewing or printing at the MyCPEMonitor.net website your statement of credit through CPE Monitor located at NABP.net.

If your answer is not listed above, please contact customer service at DRSNCE@LF1925.com.